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Creating Outdoor Elegance



Landscaping is an essential part of designing a home. Today, it’s almost a norm to have professional landscapers render outdoor spaces and there is a very good reason for this. Garden landscape design adds definite and tangible value to your property. It also adds to the curb appeal of your home and gives you spaces that you can truly enjoy being in. Creating an attractive and beautiful garden /yard is more than just about planting a few trees and having a patch of green in front of your house.

The Perfect Blend

It’s about having the ideal mix of hardscape and softscape and creating outdoor spaces that are perfectly in harmony with each other. Though all of this sounds very interesting, only the right landscape service company like Outdoor Escapes can help you achieve all that. With years of landscaping experience behind us, we are able to provide you with exemplary services, using the most innovative and creative designs, the highest quality materials and the most skilled professionals.

The Unique Approach


We have a very unique approach to landscaping and work on the basis of insight and vision. After we have understood what your exact needs are, we then create the most intriguing designs that will keep you riveted and we hope that they will do the same for your guests. We use all our experience and knowledge and turn all your fantastic ideas with a sprinkling of our own; to create the most stupendous landscaping designs you have ever seen. We pay attention to details like:

  • Focal point - Every well-planned landscape will have a focal point and the layout and dimensions of the garden/yard will decide what that will be. In some cases, we might end up utilizing certain naturally occurring elements. If there are no suitable ones, we will go ahead and create them with the use of decorative outdoor structures like patios, swings, pergolas or gazebos (as per your liking), in the landscaping.

  • Landscaping Texture - We pay a great deal of attention to this factor which encompasses choosing the right foliage. Achieving the right balance in softscape is about selecting plants with the right smoothness, coarseness and shape. The objective is to achieve the right symmetry and balance in that outdoor space.

  • Color - Creating certain contrasting points in the existing landscaping is about using the right mix of colors. We have a very thorough understanding of how plants react to changes in weather. A plant that looks vibrant in spring might look dull and dead in the winter. The skill of any landscape designer lies in creating landscapes that will look stunning right through the year.

When Only the Best Will Do

We group all the elements in a very expert manner and ensure that your garden/ yard is pleasing to the eye and that the thematic balance is maintained right through the design. All our services are affordable and reliable and we ensure customer satisfaction in every project we undertake. For the best landscaping designs call Outdoor Escapes on 405-990-8944. We serve Moore, as well as the surrounding areas of Yukon, Chickasha, Norman and El Reno.